Show up

Reach out + set up a meeting with fullCIRCLE to share current state + explore possibilities. As we delve into future focused outcomes, it’s helpful to consider:

  • What soft skill(s) you want yourself, an individual or your team to grow

  • How better understanding soft skill(s) will impact relationships

  • How engaging in experiential learning ties into other human resources + organizational development efforts

Step in

Decide what your ideal experience looks like. Do you want individual coaching sessions with the horses or a team workshop? Team workshops have three options to choose from. Prior to your experience, you’ll receive a one-page overview about what to expect + a liability release for each participant to sign + return.


Pick your ideal date + time to learn from the horses between May 15 + November 15. Individual coaching sessions + team workshops are held outdoors so you can fully embrace the benefits of nature. In the event of inclement weather, your learning adventure will be moved to an indoor facility.

In the spirit of continued learning + evolving, fullCIRCLE invites you to share what worked, what didn’t, what you think about your experience + whether or not you’re willing to recommend fullCIRCLE. Your input will be collected through a post-experience survey.