Lessons from the Herd: Relationship vs. Isolation

Horses, like humans, are social beings created for relationship. The well-being of both species is optimized through connection, an essential element for survival. Horse herds provide social stimulation + a sense of security. Human communities create a sense of belonging that is vital to growth.

In the book How People Grow Dr. Henry Cloud + Dr. John Townsend acknowledge a medical fact about connection, “People connected to other people thrive and grow, and those not connected wither and die.” Going deeper into the emotional space, they site connection as the sustaining factor for the psyche, the heart + the spirit. 


Emotions + Leadership: How a Horse Held Up a Mirror

Pet owners are keenly aware, amazed and sometimes mystified at how astutely their animals sense human feelings, be they sadness, sickness or even discord among those in the home. The science behind it is fascinating and still evolving. 

Unlike animals, humans give a lot of attention to language, which can distract us from what can be learned through touch, sound and smell — senses that are highly developed in animals. This heightened awareness helps animals discern threats from safe situations. Their survival can depend upon their senses. 


Guest Post: Don’t Believe Everything Your Thoughts Tell You

The power of networking led to Julie Smith + I being introduced a few years ago. Despite the fact we occupy similar spaces as solopreneurs in consulting + coaching, our mindful decision to put time + energy into a friendship rather than deferring to human nature’s pull of viewing each other as competition has proven to be a blessing! We often find ourselves at the same business events + are becoming known for continuing discussions afterwards in the parking lot. We pose thought-provoking questions, present challenges, step into authentic emotions + keep every aspect of our friendship real.

3 Steps to Overcome Marketing Overwhelm + Find Clarity

You don’t need any reminders that life is inherently hard. What if I told you that part of the reason it’s hard is that we unintentionally make it harder than it needs to be with unhelpful habits, burdensome mindset mistakes + out-of-whack expectations? The same is true for marketing.

Put Emotional Intelligence to Use in Daily Business Interactions

Being smarter with emotions is a choice. Yet, putting ourselves in a position to pause momentarily at that specific point in time when the proverbial fork in the road reveals itself is daunting. I’m fascinated by how easy it is for humans (myself included) to become so fixated on achieving an outcome that we lose sight of the process. Yet, it’s the process - because of the skills learned, experience gained + insights discovered - that transforms us. Processes, rather than outcomes, enable us to become better versions of ourselves.

The Impact of Slowing Down on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Last month’s blog post shed light on the fact that the idea of something feels simple, it’s the execution of the idea that feels overwhelming + awkward. Such is the case with the focus of this month’s post: the need to slow down.