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In a world of 24/7 connectivity, it takes a conscious effort to slow down and choose mindfulness. A journey “back to the basics” reminds us what effective communication is about. Here are some myths and realities to consider as you craft messages.

Top 3 communication misconceptions

1. Myth:

It’s possible to be an effective communicator without having good listening skills.


We have one mouth and two ears for a reason.

Constantly absorb information and listen – to your clients, coworkers and industry. Paying attention to what’s being said and thought in these areas better informs your communication needs, focus and delivery method, helping you reach your targeted audience with a valuable message when and where they can benefit from it. Give it a try and see the difference it can make!

2. Myth:

Sharing information is the same thing as communicating.


Communication implies a two-way dialogue.

This reality ties in closely with listening. Spreading information is a one-sided effort that delivers what you want to say to an audience. Communication is a two-sided relationship where both you and your audience learn from each other. This dialogue provides actionable steps to keep your communication strategy up to date and creates a deeper, more meaningful connection with your following.

3. Myth:

A message shared once and delivered through one medium will achieve desired results.


Communicate often and through numerous outlets to optimize a message.

It takes time, thought and manpower to craft a message. So don’t cut corners on your delivery method. Think about the best platform, or platforms, for the communication piece, and take stock of where your audience is active. Then hit all of these platforms once you’re ready to communicate the message. Consider pushing out reminders or multiple posts on digital mediums to reach additional people.

With year-end on the horizon, why not choose to be more mindful about your communications as a goal for 2016? I’d love to better understand what communication challenges you face. Reach out to me to schedule a listening session.