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Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association

Photo: Joseph L. Murphy/Iowa Soybean Association

For the last 17 years, I’ve enjoyed the beauty of being engaged in two worlds – mom and business owner of a boutique marketing communications firm where the honor of teaching clients the value of communication inspires me. Life has been good: Horses a constant but varied presence in my life – at least until a sunny, October day in 2008.

While traversing my family’s pasture on a borrowed horse, among southern Iowa’s rolling hills, I heard my inner voice posing questions I couldn’t answer: “How do you walk away from 100 years in a family business? How are you in such a fog about what goes on down here? Your parents started with $800 in their pockets 40 years ago and up to now, you’re happy with the notion of selling everything they’ve built, taking the money, running and having a great life when they’re gone. . .”

It was at that moment I realized my way of being on the outside was misaligned with who I truly was on the inside.

The desire to return to my authentic self was stronger than anything I’ve ever experienced to this day. The journey back to ‘me’ entailed the decision to return to one of my family’s agricultural businesses – the farthest place anyone, including myself, ever expected to find me.

Juggling my family and communications business, I began slowly integrating into the southern Iowa cattle and row crop operation during the spring of 2009. By January 2010, my boots-on-the-ground learning took a new twist as I found myself working several times a week and several weekends toward my goal of learning the business. Horses became my work partners and, most importantly, the masters in teaching me how to exist in a world where verbal communication isn’t the only way to interact with other living beings. I found my quiet. I found peace. I found an unprecedented connection with the natural world – something I didn’t realize was so impactful to my well-being. I learned to see myself from the horse’s perspective and, if I’m honest with myself, from other people’s perspective too.

Five years later, authentic self in tow, a new way of ‘being’ was discovered. It combined my lifelong horse obsession and passion for communications with life lessons from the ranch horses received while working to perpetuate a way of life. To complement my marketing communications experience and knowledge, I earned my Equine Guided Education (EGE) certification in October 2015, exactly seven years after my journey back to my authentic-self began. It’s with tremendous pride + gratitude that I believe my life’s come full circle as I watch the evolution of my business for 17 years (inSync Communications) to what it’s meant to be. Thank you for showing up in my space and making the time to be here.