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The horse is a species considered among humanity’s most revered and sacred companions across many civilizations.

Horses are one of the most physically sensitive and fastest-reacting animals on the planet. Their need for self-preservation creates socially harmonious herds.

The reason the horse is such a gifted teacher is simple: He doesn’t need an inner voice. He doesn’t think in words at all – he feels. He experiences the simple energy of his emotional state of being.

A look at evolution illustrates a significant difference in how humans and horses embodied communications according to Harvard-trained brain surgeon Allan Hamilton, M.D. in his book Zen Mind Zen Horse. More than 30 million years of evolutionary pressure turned horses into a quintessential prey animal. They surrendered their vocal abilities to gain herd identity. They didn’t use words or vocalizations – sounds that help predators pinpoint their prey – they learned how not to talk, how not to make sounds, and how to make sense from beingnotthinking. They rely on right-sided brain function.

Dr. Hamilton goes on to help us see by contrast, as humans evolved, the language we developed enabled us to flourish. We became storytellers, creating mythologies, building cultures and establishing empires. We forfeited intuitive powers for the benefits of language. We became outcasts from the natural world while sharpening the skills housed within the brain’s left hemisphere. We lost touch with the secrets deep within our hearts and with our right-sided brain function. 

We need to practice being connected without worrying about explaining why we’re connected. To hear the silence of the right, we must strengthen our intuitive, nonverbal powers. Interacting with horses does just that.