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Last week’s post about present-moment awareness, its evolution as my life’s ‘one thing’ and the communication benefits of that choice led me to ponder: What else does it take to communicate mindfully? What ways of ‘being’ could empower people to make mindful communication their norm? Here are the responses to my query:

1. Be an active listener

Active listening, which involves all the senses, is different than passive hearing. It means fully concentrating on what is being said. It is a learned skill that takes times and patience to develop.

2.  Be genuine

Genuine people walk the talk. They don’t try to be something they’re not. Their actions are congruent with their words. They are vulnerable, transparent, comfortable in their own skin, grounded in reality and truly present in each moment.

3.  Be curious

Curious people ask questions and seek information. They are less interested in themselves and more intrigued by who, what, when, where and why around them. It’s a win-win dynamic for both conversation participants. The speaker feels important and cared about; the listener acquires new insights.

4.  Be kind

Kindness broadens our perspective, softens our heart, brightens the world and breeds tolerance and understanding. It’s contagious and offers hope.

5.  Be compassionate

Compassion is a natural instinct that gets stifled when we lack mindfulness and presence. It is the embodiment realization that all life is one continuum and what benefits the wellbeing of others also benefits ourselves. It evokes peace.

By ‘showing up’ with these five ways of ‘being’, you can impact the communication experience you and others have. Think about one conversation you will be having at work in the next week. How would choosing to enter the interaction with any one or a few of these five qualities change the trajectory of the conversation?