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Everyone has an opinion about outsourcing parts of their business. Whether you’re for or against it, there’s much to be said about why putting your marketing communication duties in the hands of a seasoned professional can drive major benefits for your business when a full-time hire isn’t feasible.

Outsourcing is a customized experience. There is no one way to go about it. Some companies rely on contractors to deliver on all marketing communication tasks, while others simply seek assistance for certain tasks or deliverables.

Here are five advantages companies realize when they embark on an outsourcing partnership.

1. Reduced overhead

Essentially, outsourcing provides you with the manpower and ability to successfully handle marketing communications without incurring the costs of recruiting and hiring full-time team members (think: salary, benefits, training, insurance, taxes, and healthcare).

With an independent contractor, you only pay for the time they spend engaged on your projects. Their experience in the marketing communications industry plays to your advantage, as they’re quick to come up to speed on your business, recommend strategies, and do the work in a timely manner.

2. Fresh perspective

Clients tell me outside objectivity is priceless. When someone is aware of company culture without being embedded in it, they see things only those on the outside can realize. They can bring new ideas and actionable strategies to the table.

Not spending every working moment within the walls and mindset of your company, an independent contractor has an easier time keeping up with the changing landscape of marketing communications and shift in market behaviors. You don’t have to pay someone to actively watch trends while also managing a 40-plus hour weekly workload for your business.

3. Strategic thinking and know-how

It’s easy to become so close to a product or service that it’s difficult to see outside of it. It’s wonderful to be passionate about your business and consumed with driving growth, but make sure your meetings aren’t completely made up of stakeholders. Let people who aren’t stuck in the day-to-day weeds of your business fill your strategic needs.

Contractors living and breathing outside of your company will be able to see your product or service for it’s value and develop on-point plans and strategies to build its success.

4. Industry expertise

Hiring can be a stressful, time-consuming process. That’s particularly true when you’re trying to locate a specific skill set or experience level. Outsourcing provides access to every marketing talent imaginable. You don’t have to rely on a one-shoe-fits-all-sizes candidate that you will task with every aspect within marketing communications for your business. Instead, work with experts within the fields you need for exemplary service across the board. Plus, this way you avoid spending resources to train or take on permanent employees.

5. Agility

Independent contractors and agencies are in the service business. Their roles depend on clients and their satisfaction to receive continued work and referrals. This is one reason why they’re likely to deliver quality, on-deadline work within your marketing communications needs. In addition, they are not bogged down with the nuances that come with most corporate cultures and can often work their schedules around your needs

Another benefit: independent contractors in the marketing communications business enjoy their work. Otherwise, they wouldn’t dedicate their careers to helping companies with these tasks.

All in all, outsourcing some of your day-to-day work can speed up timelines, save you money, and make your busy team happier (and more stress-free). What tasks or duties could you benefit from having taken off your plate?