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Self-leadership: Learning Boundaries from a Colt

I’ve always looked to God for help and clarity about my life’s direction. I have faith in his plan + appreciate those he connects me with along the way. The inner work associated with transforming into the human being he created me to be is most effective with coaching. During a recent horse guided coaching session with the horse herd of fullCIRCLE creative + coaching, I discovered my need for boundaries and practiced the skill. Creating this account of what transpired on the beautiful, late summer day in the peaceful outdoors surrounded by nature, further heightened my understanding of why this life skill is essential. My hope is that by being vulnerable and candid about my growth areas, others will be encouraged to step courageously into theirs. 


Lessons from the Herd: Relationship vs. Isolation

Horses, like humans, are social beings created for relationship. The well-being of both species is optimized through connection, an essential element for survival. Horse herds provide social stimulation + a sense of security. Human communities create a sense of belonging that is vital to growth.

In the book How People Grow Dr. Henry Cloud + Dr. John Townsend acknowledge a medical fact about connection, “People connected to other people thrive and grow, and those not connected wither and die.” Going deeper into the emotional space, they site connection as the sustaining factor for the psyche, the heart + the spirit. 

The Power of Choice Part III: A Real-Life Look at Step 2 - Step In

The new year is well underway and I’m overwhelmed with curiosity. Observing humans in a variety of settings leads me to wonder how many are bold, courageous + uncomfortable enough to invite growth into their space. How many identify with the freedom associated with change? How many are willing to ‘step in’ to the emotions associated with discomfort + the opportunities created as a result?

The Power of Choice Part II: A Real-Life Look at Step 1 - Show Up

In my November post, I introduced the power of choice - the one gift our Creator has given us that influences the quality of our lives. It reminds us that choices control our lives; conditions don’t. I also committed to sharing a real life example of what the 3-step process - ‘show up’, ‘step in’ +‘commit’ - to do hard thing looks like in a business context. Here’s a humbling example of what transpires when humans choose to embrace the first step to ‘show up’.

The Power of Choice: A 3-Step Process to Do Hard Things


The one gift our Creator has given us that has the power to control the quality of our lives. And while we can’t choose what happens to us or around us, we can choose our response. Choices control our lives; conditions don’t.

My path toward the realization that every single thing in life boils down to a choice arrived via numerous teaching moments with my most trusted learning partners - my horses. Deciphering each experience into applicable life lessons and client-worthy material was aided by a horse trainer who embraces the power of choice.

One particular experience profoundly impacted the quality of the partnership I’m seeking with one of my horses. It also taught me how to alter outcomes with humans. The overarching result: I learned to do hard things. And, it was my willingness to be vulnerable, confident + open to risk that made possibilities reality.

Communication Isn’t Always About Talking

Facilitating horse-guided coaching sessions for clients is always a privilege. I get to share space with the majestic creatures God places in my life to grow, strengthen + empower other humans. As a fresh air geek, I get my fill of Mother Nature and, most importantly, I observe the transformation of people as they acclimate to the serene, quiet + safe rural landscape removed from their day-to-day labels + existence.