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Kim and I connected in a serendipitous manner.

She was intrigued by the opportunity to merge her lifelong horse obsession with her existing marketing and communications business. She brought horse experience very different from others I mentored. I saw her as a true mentee who would be a powerful practitioner to take this work forward once I no longer could.

Like no one else I have worked with, Kim brought a fast-growing self-awareness, a deep sense of her spiritual connection with horses and strong business and client skills that positioned her well for moving forward with her business once she graduated from the program. She stated her vision as follows: “I want to live the rest of my life humbled by the beauty of Mother Nature, horses, cows and people’s souls, no matter how damaged. I want to partner with horses to heal and bring peace while guiding others to unleash possibilities from within themselves. I want to nurture the inner being of myself and others.”

I saw firsthand a strong willingness to learn how to work with horses as guides in the process; first, by her willingness to look at herself, her own moods and behaviors and how the horses reflected those and second by letting them guide her coaching. I watched Kim avidly grow her self-awareness, changing her behavior to match her new awareness (walking her talk).  She brought a deep curiosity, open heart and mind to hear something that didn’t match what she already knew, chew on it for a while and integrate it into her thinking and her way of ‘being’.

As a certified Equine Guided Education coach, Kim is well positioned to create a safe space for this work, set up coaching sessions with individuals and teams and confidently coach with horse partners to provide deep and sustainable learning. Anyone who knows her will agree that she brings a phenomenal energy, enthusiasm and understanding of people to her work and her life.  She is truly gifted as a professional, a mom and a human being.

Ann Kerr Romberg, CPCC, MS, EGE is a Leadership Coach and Equine-Guided Education Specialist. Her coaching specialty is taking leaders in corporations and in life to the next level. Her vision is everyone BEING their best selves as they DO all they do in the world. Her passion is to be a voice for the wisdom that animals so willingly bring us. Her professional experience includes work in all levels of IT management from first line to executive in a Fortune 500 company, small business owner and teacher. She is a Certified Professional Co-Active Coach from Coaches Training Institute and a member of International Coach Federation (ICF) and ICFMN. She has done extensive training in Equine-Guided Coaching, presented at national conferences and worked internationally. Her degrees include a BA in Math and Psychology and an MS in Computer Science and qualification as a Myers-Briggs Personality Type practitioner.