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Self-leadership: Learning Boundaries from a Colt

I’ve always looked to God for help and clarity about my life’s direction. I have faith in his plan + appreciate those he connects me with along the way. The inner work associated with transforming into the human being he created me to be is most effective with coaching. During a recent horse guided coaching session with the horse herd of fullCIRCLE creative + coaching, I discovered my need for boundaries and practiced the skill. Creating this account of what transpired on the beautiful, late summer day in the peaceful outdoors surrounded by nature, further heightened my understanding of why this life skill is essential. My hope is that by being vulnerable and candid about my growth areas, others will be encouraged to step courageously into theirs. 


4 Benefits of a Summer "Busy-Detox"

“Life is what happens to you while you’re busy making other plans.” John Lennon

Busy. Defined as having a great deal to do, I referenced it in a previous blog post to remind readers that “busy” protects us; it enables us to hide from our authentic selves.

My intention in sharing the following ways we’re ‘being’ and ‘doing’ is to provoke thought about what you can implement.