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The Impact of Slowing Down on Emotional Intelligence (EQ)

Last month’s blog post shed light on the fact that the idea of something feels simple, it’s the execution of the idea that feels overwhelming + awkward. Such is the case with the focus of this month’s post: the need to slow down.

The Power of Choice Part III: A Real-Life Look at Step 2 - Step In

The new year is well underway and I’m overwhelmed with curiosity. Observing humans in a variety of settings leads me to wonder how many are bold, courageous + uncomfortable enough to invite growth into their space. How many identify with the freedom associated with change? How many are willing to ‘step in’ to the emotions associated with discomfort + the opportunities created as a result?

The Power of Choice Part II: A Real-Life Look at Step 1 - Show Up

In my November post, I introduced the power of choice - the one gift our Creator has given us that influences the quality of our lives. It reminds us that choices control our lives; conditions don’t. I also committed to sharing a real life example of what the 3-step process - ‘show up’, ‘step in’ +‘commit’ - to do hard thing looks like in a business context. Here’s a humbling example of what transpires when humans choose to embrace the first step to ‘show up’.

4 Tips to Mindful + Effective Communication

A business coach once shared the following observation: Every company—no matter the industry, size or geographic location—faces the same “issues”; they just manifest differently. In the nearly 20 years I’ve spent as a consultant, I can say without hesitation that coach was right. And one of the biggest “issues” my clients face is a lack of communication—internal and external.

Why 'Busy' Inhibits EQ + 12 Benefits of Slowing Down

It appears, from literally every single conversation I find myself in, that “busy” has become our default response. I’m betting it’s become so engrained, we’re unaware it’s our answer.

“Busy” protects us; it enables us to hide from our authentic selves.

The Single Biggest Obstacle to 'Being'

From a communications perspective, I find myself wondering about the impact of cell phones on communication and interpersonal interactions. Are we fooling ourselves into thinking that a state of ‘absent presence’ is okay?