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Communication Isn’t Always About Talking

Facilitating horse-guided coaching sessions for clients is always a privilege. I get to share space with the majestic creatures God places in my life to grow, strengthen + empower other humans. As a fresh air geek, I get my fill of Mother Nature and, most importantly, I observe the transformation of people as they acclimate to the serene, quiet + safe rural landscape removed from their day-to-day labels + existence.

Shifting the Focus From 'Doing' to 'Being' in 2016

I’m optimistic that 2016 will be rewarding in a beautiful yet different way and I owe this intention to a choice: The choice to shift my focus from the ‘doing’ self to the ‘being’ self.

The Top 3 Communication Misconceptions

In a world of 24/7 connectivity, it takes a conscious effort to slow down and choose mindfulness. A journey “back to the basics” reminds us what effective communication is about. Here are some myths and realities to consider as you craft messages.