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The Year of 'Being' Enough

2017 is the year. The year to bring up topics and have conversations that require courage and conviction. You are empowered to unlearn the curse of perfectionism, determine your personal definition of enough, live according to those boundaries and (finally) embrace the truth: you are enough!

4 Questions to Answer When Creating a Marketing Communications Plan

Whether it’s establishing social media presence, creating a website or buying advertising space, marketing communications work best when strategically linked together and aligned with your company’s mission and vision.

Answer these questions in the planning process.

How to Establish a Successful Outsourcing Relationship

Once you’ve realized the benefits of outsourcing your business's marketing communications, it’s time to proceed in sealing the deal for success. You want a skilled industry specialist to become an extension of your brand and produce quality work on time and on budget. While finding the right fit may seem difficult, use these steps to speed up the process to finding your contractor.

7 Ways to Become an Active Listener

How do we break the old habit of allowing internal and external distractions to prevent us from effective listening and transition to active listening? Here are 7 tips discovered from my own journey.