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Emotions + Leadership: How a Horse Held Up a Mirror

Pet owners are keenly aware, amazed and sometimes mystified at how astutely their animals sense human feelings, be they sadness, sickness or even discord among those in the home. The science behind it is fascinating and still evolving. 

Unlike animals, humans give a lot of attention to language, which can distract us from what can be learned through touch, sound and smell — senses that are highly developed in animals. This heightened awareness helps animals discern threats from safe situations. Their survival can depend upon their senses. 


Guest Post: Don’t Believe Everything Your Thoughts Tell You

The power of networking led to Julie Smith + I being introduced a few years ago. Despite the fact we occupy similar spaces as solopreneurs in consulting + coaching, our mindful decision to put time + energy into a friendship rather than deferring to human nature’s pull of viewing each other as competition has proven to be a blessing! We often find ourselves at the same business events + are becoming known for continuing discussions afterwards in the parking lot. We pose thought-provoking questions, present challenges, step into authentic emotions + keep every aspect of our friendship real.

Put Emotional Intelligence to Use in Daily Business Interactions

Being smarter with emotions is a choice. Yet, putting ourselves in a position to pause momentarily at that specific point in time when the proverbial fork in the road reveals itself is daunting. I’m fascinated by how easy it is for humans (myself included) to become so fixated on achieving an outcome that we lose sight of the process. Yet, it’s the process - because of the skills learned, experience gained + insights discovered - that transforms us. Processes, rather than outcomes, enable us to become better versions of ourselves.

The Power of Choice Part II: A Real-Life Look at Step 1 - Show Up

In my November post, I introduced the power of choice - the one gift our Creator has given us that influences the quality of our lives. It reminds us that choices control our lives; conditions don’t. I also committed to sharing a real life example of what the 3-step process - ‘show up’, ‘step in’ +‘commit’ - to do hard thing looks like in a business context. Here’s a humbling example of what transpires when humans choose to embrace the first step to ‘show up’.

Why We Need to Get Back to the Art of Asking Questions

This month’s topic has been percolating in my brain for the last several weeks; mostly because I experienced the consequences of not applying it. Without question, life is full of hard lessons. It’s what we do with reflections from those hard lessons that ultimately make or break us. I’m hopeful I’m in the process of being made as opposed to being broken.

I’ve written before about the art of listening—a skill that appears to be waning in today’s constantly connected world. It’s time to bring to light another lost art (of which there are many to choose from): The art of asking questions.

Why 'Busy' Inhibits EQ + 12 Benefits of Slowing Down

It appears, from literally every single conversation I find myself in, that “busy” has become our default response. I’m betting it’s become so engrained, we’re unaware it’s our answer.

“Busy” protects us; it enables us to hide from our authentic selves.