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Emotions + Leadership: How a Horse Held Up a Mirror

Pet owners are keenly aware, amazed and sometimes mystified at how astutely their animals sense human feelings, be they sadness, sickness or even discord among those in the home. The science behind it is fascinating and still evolving. 

Unlike animals, humans give a lot of attention to language, which can distract us from what can be learned through touch, sound and smell — senses that are highly developed in animals. This heightened awareness helps animals discern threats from safe situations. Their survival can depend upon their senses. 


Communication Isn’t Always About Talking

Facilitating horse-guided coaching sessions for clients is always a privilege. I get to share space with the majestic creatures God places in my life to grow, strengthen + empower other humans. As a fresh air geek, I get my fill of Mother Nature and, most importantly, I observe the transformation of people as they acclimate to the serene, quiet + safe rural landscape removed from their day-to-day labels + existence.

Why I'm an Equine Guided Education Coach

Today, I’m sharing my story about how Equine Guided Education (EGE) found me and what motivated me to partner with horses to coach people in learning and implementing skills to improve interpersonal and workplace dynamics.


Katie's Demo Day Experience

Every time I partner with my horses to coach humans, I’m amazed at the humans’ profound discoveries. Katie’s story is particularly interesting because initially she was uncomfortable with horses and was simply doing Danny a favor by attending. She was courageous enough to lean into the discomfort.

Her insights are reflected here: