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4 Tips to Mindful + Effective Communication

A business coach once shared the following observation: Every company—no matter the industry, size or geographic location—faces the same “issues”; they just manifest differently. In the nearly 20 years I’ve spent as a consultant, I can say without hesitation that coach was right. And one of the biggest “issues” my clients face is a lack of communication—internal and external.

7 Ways to Become an Active Listener

How do we break the old habit of allowing internal and external distractions to prevent us from effective listening and transition to active listening? Here are 7 tips discovered from my own journey.

The Single Biggest Obstacle to 'Being'

From a communications perspective, I find myself wondering about the impact of cell phones on communication and interpersonal interactions. Are we fooling ourselves into thinking that a state of ‘absent presence’ is okay? 

Living My 'One Thing' in 2016

When I transitioned from ‘doing’ to my ‘being’ self, I decided to live in the present moment. Ironically enough, this shift started with encouragement by my horses. Now, existing with present-moment awareness has evolved into my life’s ‘one thing’.