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The Power of Choice: A 3-Step Process to Do Hard Things


The one gift our Creator has given us that has the power to control the quality of our lives. And while we can’t choose what happens to us or around us, we can choose our response. Choices control our lives; conditions don’t.

My path toward the realization that every single thing in life boils down to a choice arrived via numerous teaching moments with my most trusted learning partners - my horses. Deciphering each experience into applicable life lessons and client-worthy material was aided by a horse trainer who embraces the power of choice.

One particular experience profoundly impacted the quality of the partnership I’m seeking with one of my horses. It also taught me how to alter outcomes with humans. The overarching result: I learned to do hard things. And, it was my willingness to be vulnerable, confident + open to risk that made possibilities reality.

Why We Need to Get Back to the Art of Asking Questions

This month’s topic has been percolating in my brain for the last several weeks; mostly because I experienced the consequences of not applying it. Without question, life is full of hard lessons. It’s what we do with reflections from those hard lessons that ultimately make or break us. I’m hopeful I’m in the process of being made as opposed to being broken.

I’ve written before about the art of listening—a skill that appears to be waning in today’s constantly connected world. It’s time to bring to light another lost art (of which there are many to choose from): The art of asking questions.


Katie's Demo Day Experience

Every time I partner with my horses to coach humans, I’m amazed at the humans’ profound discoveries. Katie’s story is particularly interesting because initially she was uncomfortable with horses and was simply doing Danny a favor by attending. She was courageous enough to lean into the discomfort.

Her insights are reflected here: 


Living My 'One Thing' in 2016

When I transitioned from ‘doing’ to my ‘being’ self, I decided to live in the present moment. Ironically enough, this shift started with encouragement by my horses. Now, existing with present-moment awareness has evolved into my life’s ‘one thing’.

Shifting the Focus From 'Doing' to 'Being' in 2016

I’m optimistic that 2016 will be rewarding in a beautiful yet different way and I owe this intention to a choice: The choice to shift my focus from the ‘doing’ self to the ‘being’ self.